Edit information, hours, eligibility, and locations for your programs so people can reach you. 

Once your program is claimed, you can update your listing at any time. All changes made are reflected on your findhelp.org listing to ensure people always have the most accurate and up-to-date information.

See trends for your programs, services, and region. Track needs and impact, and view eligibility reporting. 

See how often your programs turn up in searches, actions taken on each program, as well as interest and engagement. Share these reports with donors, supporters, and volunteers.

Include requirements in your program listings, like income level, age, location, and other custom criteria. 

Users can filter programs by criteria to help qualified people find your programs faster.

Connect staff and visitors to resources directly from your organization’s site. 

With this widget, organizations empower their communities to find and access more local programs.

View referrals for your programs and review eligibility screening results. 

Easily determine if the right help was provided, or refer people to other resources directly. Then update referral status and demonstrate completion of services with just one click.

Our screening tool allows organizations to customize questions that confirm whether someone is eligible for your programs and services.  

Choose from pre-written questions or create your own directly on the site.

Team sharing allows members of your staff to streamline workflows by editing program listings, viewing data and reports, updating referrals, sharing notes, and more. Work together to manage your programs and referrals. 

Determine team permissions and update access at any time.

How to Claim

Organizations that claim their programs can access and update information in their program listing at any time. The process is simple and straightforward, and it unlocks all of our free tools.

As more organizations claim programs, the findhelp.org network grows stronger. More providers can share and respond to referrals, make connections across organizations, and strengthen social care in every community.

Penny Roach reviews a home-learning curriculum with her granddaughter, Izabela, who will be using it with her son.

Telling Your Stories

Our storytelling initiative, findhelp films, profiles organizations across the country and their innovative social care solutions.

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Ready to claim your program and access your free tools? Our live trainings and self-paced resources can help you get started.

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Join a Training

Sign up for our next live training, connect with a Community Engagement Manager, earn your findhelp.org  Certification, and learn all the ways findhelp.org can support your work!