Built for People, by People

Our mission is to connect all people seeking help and the programs that serve them — with dignity and ease.

Our team has experience in social work, education, and healthcare. Many of us, at other points in our lives, have needed service ourselves. We understand the need for privacy and protection when seeking help, and we know firsthand how challenging it can be to navigate the social care system. That’s why we work every day to make it easier and safer to find help.

Our work is driven by how we can make the world a better place — for organizations, customers, our users, and our team. We nurture a diverse and inclusive environment where our employees’ personal and professional experience informs the quality of the work we do.

Built for People

Findhelp staff toast to the unveiling of the company’s new branding at the company’s Austin headquarters in 2019.

How We Support You

Our network lists thousands of organizations nationwide serving their local communities. Our team verifies each listing, and organizations can update their information independently, ensuring our listings are accurate.

Findhelp allows anyone at your organization to manage program listings, close referral loops, add team members, analyze program demand, set up eligibility screeners, schedule appointments, and more — all in one place and for free.

A Strong Community Provides Better Care

While our work centers on technology, we know social care is ultimately about relationships. That’s why we work closely with organizations to understand their needs and provide useful tools to support social care connections. Watch this video about DePaul Community Health Centers to see how they use our free tools to streamline workflows and better serve their community.